Controlled Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture refers to growing crops in an environment that is controlled by the grower. The grower can interfere with some or all of the following through automation:

  • temperature,
  • humidity,
  • light,
  • carbon dioxide, and
  • nutrients.

Such technology helps the farmer grow food and collect data about the crop and the environment. The farmer is also able to reduce pest or diseases that can affect their crop. Therefore the crops grow in ideal environments and the yield is highest for the grower.

Depending on the region, the grow environment might be indoor, in a green house, outdoor in a protected cropping environment, or in a vertical space (vertical farming).

Botanist in protective mask planting green plants while working in greenhouse
Hydroponics vertical farm in building with high technology farming. Agricultural Greenhouse with hydroponic shelving system.


Below is a picture of greenhouses.

Discussion question:

Why do gardeners and some farmers use greenhouses to grow plants?