The Path to Concentration

Advice on achieving the POWER of Concentration

I feel the need to tell you that the path to success and failure is before you. It is your choice. Success in anything you do depends on your ability to concentrate. You know that the very thought of concentration does not always come easy, especially for things that you may consider not interesting or even “fun”. If you can overcome these obstacles (what we call destructive thoughts) that interfere with your concentration, you will be able to concentrate consciously and you will find value in these things.

Concentrating consciously can occur with some practice and with a few concentration exercises each day. You will soon be able to focus on good constructive thoughts to help you succeed. Therefore, success is all you… your individual effort towards advancement.  It is your Will that will helps you find your path. No one does anything they don’t want to do. And, what you do comes from your training and the habits you nuture. However, you will be surprise to know that anyone can break a habit.

If you have been thought you are “no-good” you do not have to live your life according to that stigma. You can change that Will and amount to something “good“.   You will be relieved to know that this has nothing to do with age. Use your Will to help you find new opportunities and remember that nothing comes to us, we must seek it. That is your responsibility.

Here is a Bible quote to help you remember this important point:
Matthew 7:8: ASK, and it will be given to you; SEEK, and you will find; KNOCK, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened…

A video that can help you improve you enhance your concentration.

Steps to Success

Finding your Will to success could mean you develop certain positive practices. One is by identifying the good qualities in everyone you meet or seeing the good in all experences. Another is by encouraging others to succeed and contribute positive thoughts. When you share positive thoughts as well, you will also get back positve thoughts and wishes from others. This is your encouragement to improve.

However, it does not end there. It is good practice to reflect and examine your progress in achieving your goals. You can do this every month. If you feel you are short of your “expectations” you should seek examine  the reasons and not give up. The task may be hard, but you should remember there is a greater reward in the end. Use your experience to help you develop yourself, and place more effort in your duties.

Thus, there are three steps to the secrets of success:

  • the desire to do something or be something,
  • the act of learning how to do it
  • and the need to execute our goals.

This confirms the need to to be open to acquire knowledge and improve oneself (no matter the present position). You will have to work hard; don’t be timid and indecisive. You don’t have to be a genius to produce results by untiring concentrated effort. You have to stick to it, expect success, and you will experience success. If you think you have lost your grip on your studies, believe you can win back your own will. You will have to stop wasting your energies on despair. Conquer that weak tendency. Rely on yourself to lift yourself up, encourage yourself. Nothing is there that should interfere with your success… Overcome your handicaps, even negative thoughts from friends and relatives. Your will, could, be powerful if you allow it. Make that effort to overcome obstacles. Don’t complain, be pleasant, and delight in your journey to success!

Keep moving forward along the path to concentration.