9 Brilliant Study Tips for Online Learners

Virtual classes is a new thing for many students, during this time of Covid 19, and it is now time for some study tips to help the online learners. Your teachers are trying their best. However, online learning is a lot different from what you do in class with you teacher. Online learning requires some effort on your part – and that is not bad at all. Now you need to utilize time management skills, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Here are some study tips suggestions for you, students, to do during this time to make sure you complete your readings, exercises, and activities on time.

Study Tip #1: Yes, it is not easy!

Online courses is not an easier way to learn; it is rather a more convenient way to learn. You have to give your time, consistently to attend to the lessons planned. You have to commit yourself. This is your virtual classroom.

Study Tip #2: Develop Your Skill

Yes, you may have to learn how your online class or site works, how to download documents, learn the keyboard (we have a keyboarding course here), and leave comments. All is necessary to get all you can from the course content.

Study Tip #3: Make Sure You Have A Good Connection

Glitches and slow browsing interferes with you enjoying the courses. Make sure you do not have too much pages up and too much programmes working in the background. Make sure your passwords are saved so you are not locked out of the site.

Study Tip #4: Take Notes and Participate in the Online Discussions

You still have to take notes. Review the notes. This will help you get better scores on the quizzes online. As a result, you will be able to move on smoothly. You are in a group, when ask to leave comments, do leave a comment so others in your class can view it.

Study Tip #5: Study Space

Have a dedicate space to do your online studies. Make sure this space is located in a quiet, well organized, distraction-free space. This space should be available at any time as well. This space should support your schedule. Make sure you let everyone, friends and relatives, know when you need your quiet time for your online classes.

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Study Tip #6: Have a Schedule

You have to set your learning goals for the week. Now, you are not in class, so you have to set out if you will study for 4 hours a day. You should stick to that schedule. Layout the time you would begin and end. Start with the most difficult task first, as this will help you see how practical your schedule is. As assignment is posted, do them. Do not wait until later or when it is due.

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This is just a sample. See the link below to get your own interactive schedule organizer.

Study Tip #7: Organize Your Task on a Calendar

Once you have viewed your task for the week, organize the task on a calendar. Stick to it! All your assignment and activities will be done on time. Keep to the time limits you already set and keep track of all the work you have done. Doing this will help you develop your self-discipline.

Study Tip #8: Take A Break

You should not be in here, online, every waking hour. We don’t expect that. Indulge in a mild physical activities and a change of scenery. Go enjoy a snack, have your lunch on time.

Study Tip #9: Concentration

Finally, stick to your plan. Do not procrastinate. Keep in touch with your teacher to help you stay on task and develop a consistent study routine. If you have problems with a lesson, communicate this to your teacher. Your teacher will then know how best to help you and other students experiencing the same problem. If you have problems concentrating, we have some links below to help you with that.

Use these study tips to help you formulate your study schedule. The organizer is above. Click on the link to down. Finally, follow these study tips and your experience online will be fruitful and enjoyable.

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