Wages 3

Sometimes a worker may need to work extra hours to get the job done. These hours might go into the workers off days or even public holidays. When this happens, the hourly rate of pay is adjusted at a higher rate than what is paid for normal working hours. Thus the worker may now be paid at what is referred to as “time and a half” or “double time”


Kurt works Monday to Friday for 8 hours each day at a rate of $15.00 an hour. He was called out to work on Sunday and was paid double time for the 6 hours he worked. Calculate the wage he received.

Monday to Friday is 5 days. So Kurt worked 5 x 8 = 40 hours

Therefore: Weekly wages (Monday to Friday) = 40 hrs x $15.00 = $600.00

Overtime paid = 6 hrs x 2 x$15.00 = $180.00

Total wages for the week = $600.00 + $180.00 = $780.00

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