Verbs – Subject Verb Agreement 1

A noun can be in its singular or plural form. This is the number and a verb must agree with it. Therefore, a singular subject requires a singular verb and plural subjects require a plural verb. Most regular verbs add -s or -es to form the singular.

Example: Singular:

The bird sings.

Example: Plural

The birds sing.

The only exceptions of this rule is with the pronoun I and you. Both take the plural form of a verb, even when you refers to more than two person.

I sing. You sing.

Except the be: I am singing.

Collective Nouns

A collective noun names a group of persons, things or animals, example, litter, herd, gang, chest, etc.

When a collective collective noun refers to a group as a whole, it requires a singular verb. When a collective noun refers to a each member of a group, it requires a plural verb.


The choir sings beautifully.
The peep of chickens stays with the hen.
The flock follow their mother where ever she goes.

Exercise: These questions test your understanding and usage of verbs in sentences.

Verbs – Subject Verb Agreement 1