The Wolf

Activity 1:

Read the story below. Read aloud then answer the questions that follow.

Notes for reading: Preview the text to be read. Before you start reading, ask yourself, what does the author want me to think or feel? Do I agree with the author? While you read pay close attention to the details presented in the text.

Activity 2:


A boy was once taking care of some sheep, not far from a forest. Near by was a village, and he was told to call for help if there was any danger. One day, in order to have some fun, he cried out, with all his might, “The wolf is coming! the wolf is coming!” The men came running with clubs and axes to destroy the wolf. As they saw nothing they went home again, and left John laughing in his sleeve.

As he had had so much fun this time, John cried out again, the next day, “The wolf! the wolf!” The men came again, but not so many as the first time. Again they saw no trace of the wolf; so they shook their heads, and went back. On the third day, the wolf came in earnest. John cried in dismay, “Help! help! The wolf! the wolf!” But not a single man came to help him.

The wolf broke into the flock, and killed a great many sheep. Among them was a beautiful lamb, which belonged to John. Then he felt very sorry that he had deceived his friends and neighbours, and grieved over the loss of his pet lamb. The truth itself is not believed, from one who often has deceived.

Discussion and Comprehension Questions

  1. Retell the story to your teacher/friend/parents.
  2. Research. Use the KWL graphic organizer to help you answer this question. What qualities of the wolf makes them feared by many?