The Greedy Girl

Activity 1: Word Search Puzzle. Complete the exercise below. You may have some research to do as well.

Activity 2: Word list. Read and write the word list in your notebooks.

hoe, grave, knock, except, droll, hymn, prayed, cottage, glutton,

Activity 4: Independent Reading. Now read the following passage aloud. While you read take notes and complete the character trait for Laura English.


Laura English is a greedy little girl. Indeed, she is quite a glutton. Do you know what a glutton is? A glutton is one who eats too much, because the food tastes well. Laura’s mother is always willing she should have as much to eat as is good for her; but sometimes, when her mother is not watching, she eats so much that it makes her sick.

I do not know why she is so silly. Her kitten never eats more than it needs. It leaves the nice bones on the plate, and lies down to sleep when it has eaten enough. The bee is wiser than Laura. It flies all day among the flowers to gather honey, and might eat the whole time if it pleased. But it eats just enough, and carries all the rest to its hive.

The squirrel eats a few nuts or acorns, and frisks about as gayly as if he had dined at the king’s table. Did you ever see a squirrel with a nut in his paws? How bright and lively he looks as he eats it! If he lived in a house made of acorns, he would never need a doctor. He would not eat an acorn too much. I do not love little girls who eat too much. Do you, my little readers? I do not think they have such rosy cheeks, or such bright eyes, or such sweet, happy tempers as those who eat less.

Discussion and Comprehension Questions

  1. Discuss why you should care that the speaker called the girl a glutton?
  2. Do you think Laura would be treated better if she was not a glutton?
  3. What advice would you give to Laura?