Supporting Details 2

The following exercises show how well you can identify the main idea as well as the supporting details.

Read the passage below. Then click on the “Start Quiz” button below to begin answering the questions.


The kingbird is not bigger than a robin. He eats flies, worms, bugs, and berries. He builds his nest in a tree, near some house. When there are young ones in the nest, he sits on the top of a tree near them. He watches to see that no bird comes to hurt them or their mother. If a hawk, a crow, or even an eagle comes near, he makes a dash at it. Though he is so small, he is brave, and he is also very active. He never fails to drive off other birds from his nest. He flies around and around the eagle, and suddenly strikes him with his sharp bill. He strikes at his eye, and then darts away before the eagle can catch him; or he strikes from behind, and is off again before the eagle can turn round. In a short time, the great eagle is tired of such hard blows, and flies away. He is very glad to get rid of his foe. Is not the little fellow a brave bird? Because he can drive off all other birds, he is called the KINGBIRD.

Supporting Details 2

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