Statistics in the Real World

Part of mathematics involves organizing information so it can be useful for making decisions. In this exercise, you will do just that.


You belong to your school’s cricket team. Your coach wants to collect data on the teams performance. He discovers, your team did not perform well in the last season.

Below is how the data collected was organized. Observe the table carefully.

(Title)Last Season’s Team Performance

Lose||||  ||||  10
Draw||| 3
This table has three columns and four rows. Observe the purpose of each column.

Your coach does not want this to happen in the next season. He has asked everyone in the team to come up with suggestions on how the team can improve. Of course, you first have to address the problem by identifying the reasons or causes for the team’s poor performance.


  1. Identify the problems the team has. Most likely you will have to address the problems the players face at home and at school.
  2. Suggest possible causes of the problems.

This information will help the coach collect more data on the team so it can be useful to help address the problems the players are facing. This is the importance of statistics.

Once data is collected, it is organized. Most times a tally chart is used.

Activity 2:

Use the information here to help you construct your own tally chart showing the following information.

  1. Players in need of new shoes – 6
  2. Players in need of pads – 5
  3. Players in need of helmets – 1
  4. Players in need of gloves – 7

Now show your chart to someone.

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