Sharing Tasks 3


Cindy bought a box of chocolate. She has three of these bars to share with two of her friends. Each friend will get the same amount. How much will each get?

Each friend will get a whole bar. That leaves one bar left to share. This can be shown as below:

Therefore, each friend will get one and one-half bars of chocolate or 1½ bars of chocolate.

A note on using hyphens in fractions.

For larger fractions, the hyphen works differently. Digits higher than 20 in the numerator or the denominator are already hyphenated. Therefore, omit the hyphen between the fraction’s numerator and denominator.
Example: twenty-one twenty-fifths (21/25).

For mixed fractions:

2 2/3 as two and two-thirds

32 22/33 as thirty-two and twenty-two and thirty-thirds