Read the passage below. Then answer the questions that follow.

“Well, children, did you have a nice time in the woods?”

“Oh yes, mother, such a good time! See what sweet flowers we found, and what soft moss. The best flowers are for grandma. Won’t they please her?”

“Yes; and it will please grandma to know that you thought of her.”

“Rab was such a good dog, mother.

We left him under the big tree by the brook, to take care of the dolls and the basket.

“When we came back, they were all safe. No one could get them while Rab was there. We gave him some of the crackers from the basket.

“O mother, how the birds did sing in the woods!

“Fanny said she would like to be a bird, and have a nest in a tree. But I think she would want to come home to sleep.”

“If she were a bird, her nest would be her home. But what would mother do,
I wonder, without her little Fanny?”