Related Concepts 1

Duration of activities questions.

Read the passage below to help you answer the questions.

Marjorie leaves home at quarter to 5.   She arrives to babysit Jill and Julia at 5 o’clock.  The girls enjoy storytelling with Marjorie. So she immediately begins reading one of their books.  25 minutes later the girls are hungry, so Marjorie makes sandwiches with some croissants.

She takes 10 minutes to prepare delicious sandwiches.  They then sit and watch a 30 minutes special for Winnie the Pooh.  The show gets the girls excited about poetry reciting and they asks Marjorie to be their “audience” while they recite some of their favourite poems. They both recited 3 poems – each took 5 minutes to recite for the girls added a lot of flare to their performance.

It was now time for the girls to brush their teeth and prepare for bed. By 7:10 the girls were exhausted and in bed ready to sleep. Marjorie and girls knelt by the bed and prayed the “Our Father” pray and wish for the safe return of their parents.