Real and Fantasy 3

Read the story below, then answer the following questions.

Who Ate The Cookies?

Marlon’s mom was about to pack the cookies in plastic bags. They had been cooling for an hour – the time it took to put Baby Jo to sleep. “Marlon, what happened to the cookies? They were on the counter. Now they are all gone.” She stared at Marlon, half-expecting the truth.

“Mom, it was terrifying! A cookie monster appeared… I was scared mom?” Marlon cried.

His mom was struggling to get her oldest son to tell the truth at all times. She leaned against the counter for support. The smell of the oats and cinnamon still floated in the air. “A cookie monster? How…”

“Well, Mom, I was standing by the window, over there, thinking the sun was so bright and baby Jo couldn’t decide whether to play or sleep.” His mom looked at him in amazement. “Then all of a sudden, I heard: “CRUNCH!” He was right there, with cookies in both hands, and happily throwing them in his wide mouth. I shouted at him, but he snarled at me. I was so scared mom. His mouth was huge, and his teeth was like spikes. All the cookies disappeared in them. I thought I would have been next, but all the monster said was, “more cookies“. He had eaten all and just left. That’s how it happened.” Marlon sat on a chair, as if exhausted after recalling the incident.

“Oh, I see. A cookie monster with a huge mouth ate all the cookies, did he? Just one monster was able to eat all, Marlon?” his mom asked.

“Yes, a huge mouth, blue and hairy, googly eyes…”

“… and a husky, scary voice,” his mother finished the sentence. It was time to prepare lunch.

“Exactly. How did you know?” Marlon was now searching for a route to escape the kitchen.

“Marlon, you shouldn’t tell stories like that,” she warned calmly, pointing a huge pot spoon at him. “Would you like to go outside to play?”

“No…” Marlon was now patting his belly, “I don’t think that was… it was a good idea.” Marlon found he couldn’t think clearly anymore. He felt a growing queasiness in the pit of his stomach.

“Marlon, there were 36 large hot oatmeal cookies on the counter. From the looks of it, that is just too much for one monster to eat. I believe that monster is not feeling too well now.”

“Hmm! I think that will never happen again, mom. Monsters must never be allowed in the kitchen.” Marlon mumbled in awkward agreement. He was wondering if his mother was really going to cook dinner or discipline him with the spoon. His mom shook her head and pulled out a huge pot from a nearby cabinet. She felt sorry for Marlon who was by now heading towards the bathroom. His mom knew that it was the last time Marlon would bring out his Monster in such a way.