Mary’s Story

Activity 1: Word ladder. Copy and complete the exercise below. Fill in the missing letter in each word to help “wore” become “goat“.

Activity 2: Word List. Read and write the word list in your notebooks.

wore, purple, plumes, pail, happened, coat, shallow, waded, Charles, nap, yesterday

Activity 4: Independent Reading. Now read the following passage aloud.

Mary’s Story

Father, and Charles, and Lucy, and I went to the beach yesterday. We took our dinner, and stayed all day. Father and Charles went out a little way from the shore in a boat, and fished, while Lucy and I gathered sea mosses. We took off our shoes and stockings, and waded into the shallow water. We had a pail to put our seaweeds in.

We found such beautiful ones. Some wore purple, some pink, and some brown. When they were spread out in the water, the purple ones looked like plumes, and the brown ones like little trees. Such a funny thing happened to Lucy. She slipped on a stone, and down she went into the water. How we both laughed! But the wind and sun soon dried Lucy’s dress.

Then father came and took us in the boat for a row. After that we had a picnic dinner in the woods. Then father spread his coat on the grass, and took a nap while we children played on the beach.

Discussion and Comprehension Questions:

  1. Pretend you were Lucy or Charles. Recall what happened through your eyes.
  2. Do you think the children enjoyed the time at the beach?
  3. Draw a popular beach in your country.