Let it rain

Activity 1.

Independent Reading. Read the following conversation between Rose and her Father. Read aloud then answer the questions that follow.

Notes for reading: Preview the text to be read. Before you start reading, ask yourself, what does the author want me to think or feel? Do I agree with the author? While you read pay close attention to the details presented in the text.

Activity 2:

Let It Rain

Rose: See how it rains! Oh dear, dear, dear! How dull it is! Must I stay in doors all day?

Father: Why, Rose, are you sorry that you had any bread and butter for breakfast, this morning?

Rose: Why, father, what a question! I should be sorry, indeed, if I could not get any.

Father: Are you sorry, my daughter, when you see the flowers and the trees growing in the garden?

Rose: Sorry? No, indeed. Just now, I wished very much to go out and see them,—they look so pretty.

Father: Well, are you sorry when you see the horses, cows, or sheep drinking at the brook to quench their thirst?

Rose: Why, father, you must think I am a cruel girl, to wish that the poor horses that work so hard, the beautiful cows that give so much nice milk, and the pretty lambs should always be thirsty.

Father: Do you not think they would die, if they had no water to drink?

Rose: Yes, sir, I am sure they would. How shocking to think of such a thing!

Father: I thought little Rose was sorry it rained. Do you think the trees and flowers would grow, if they never had any water on them?

Rose: No, indeed, father, they would be dried up by the sun. Then we should not have any pretty flowers to look at, and to make wreaths of for mother.

Father: I thought you were sorry it rained. Rose, what is our bread made of?

Rose: It is made of flour, and the flour is made from wheat, which is ground in the mill.

Father: Yes, Rose, and it was rain that helped to make the wheat grow, and it was water that turned the mill to grind the wheat. I thought little Rose was sorry it rained.

Rose: I did not think of all these things, father. I am truly very glad to see the rain falling.

Discussion and Questions:

Retell the above text. What was the conversation about?