Grandfather’s Story

Activity 1: Compare and Contrast. Complete the exercise below. You may have some research to do as well.

Activity 2: Word list. Read and write the word list in your notebooks.

broad, knee, fig, fresh, city, trout, underneath, green, fought, surprised, clapping, garden, carrying, fighting.

Activity 4: Independent Reading. Now read the following passage aloud. Use the punctuations to help you place emphasis on some words to avoid a monotone.


“Come and sit by my knee, Jane, and grandfather will tell you a strange story. One bright Summer day, I was in a garden in a city, with a friend. We rested underneath a fig tree. The broad leaves were green and fresh. We looked up at the ripe, purple figs. And what do you think came down through the branches of the fig tree over our heads?”

“Oh, a bird, grandfather, a bird!” said little Jane, clapping her hands.

“No, not a bird. It was a fish; a trout, my little girl.”

“Not a fish, grandfather! A trout come through the branches of a tree in the city’! I am sure you must be in fun.”

“No, Jane, I tell you the truth. My friend and I were very much surprised to see a fish falling from a fig tree. But we ran from under the tree, and saw a fishhawk flying, and an eagle after him. The hawk had caught the fish, and was carrying it home to his nest, when the eagle saw it and wanted it. They fought for it. The fish was dropped, and they both lost it. So much for fighting!”

Discussion Question

  1. Retell what happened to the Grandfather.
  2. Do you agree that the story grandfather told was strange? Why? Discuss.
  3. Draw what Grandfather saw that day and explain why this is possible.

Comprehension Questions