God is Great and Good


Activity 1: Word ladder. Copy and complete the exercise below. Fill in the missing letter in each word to help “shore” become “shock“.

Activity 2: Word List. Read and write the word list in your notebooks.

flow, wide, steep, lakes, twinkling

Activity 4: Observe the picture below. What do you see?

Activity 5: Independent Reading. Now read the following passage aloud.


1. I know God made the sun
     To fill the day with light;
   He made the twinkling stars
     To shine all through the night.

2. He made the hills that rise
     So very high and steep;
   He made the lakes and seas,
     That are so broad and deep.

3. He made the streams so wide,
     That flow through wood and vale;
   He made the rills so small,
     That leap down hill and dale.

4. He made each bird that sings
     So sweetly all the day;
   He made each flower that springs
     So bright, so fresh, so gay.

5. And He who made all these,
     He made both you and me;
   Oh, let us thank Him, then,
     For great and good is He.

Discussion Questions

  1. What makes God great and good?
  2. Why should you be thankful to God?
  3. Name two or three protected parks or nature reserves in your country. Why do you think these parks or nature reserves are protected?

Comprehension Questions