Fact and Opinion 2

Read the passage below then answer the following questions.

Human beings are always trying to invent items that would make their work easier and at the same time, improve the quality of their lives. Hundreds of years ago man was only aware of what existed within his own country. His travel was mainly on land moving from one place to another on foot or riding on the back of animals. Sea and air travel were almost non-existent or in the very stages of development. Today, travelling has advanced tremendously due to the availability of different modes of transportation.

On land, man can travel using a bicycle, car, truck or van. Each of these different vehicles have various models to choose from. Ships and boats provide transportation via sea. At present, there are luxury yachts and even cruise ships which can carry thousands of people. There are also cargo vessels which are used to transport bulky goods and items such as trucks, cars and heavy equipment across the ocean. The most amazing form of transportation is air transportation. In less than a day, a person can leave one country and arrive in another country anywhere in the world.

At present, scientists are exploring other planets. Man has already landed on the moon and they are even sending rockets to Mars. Many folks have even predicted that soon people would go on tours to the moon using rockets, as we use taxis. Man has proved his inventiveness and its is very likely that this prediction could become a reality.