Expository Writing – Explaining a Process

Here is an example of an expository writing. You may use this as a sample to help you understand what should be included in an expository piece that explains something.

Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is an enjoyable pastime for most boys, girls, and even adults.  Stamp collectors are always looking out for new stamps, especially during important events in a country.  Thus, stamps tell us about the coronation of a king or queen, or the appointment of a president or Prime Minister, or some notable achievement. Stamps also tell us about a country’s animals, birds, plants, or flowers.

If you want to collect stamps, you first have to buy a stamp album. The album has prepared spaces to place for the stamps.  Next, you must use stamp hinges to stick the stamps in the album. Glue is never used, they can make a stamp worthless. Also, you must not handle your stamps with your hands. You will need a pair of tweezers. Finally, you buy your stamps, used or unused stamps.

Used stamps have the postmark on them, but they can be just as valuable as new stamp.  Make sure your stamps are always in good condition. Treat them good, for they may be very valuable in the future.

Expository Writing – Explaining a Process