Comprehension Quiz (5)

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Read the passage carefully before you answer the following questions.

Yesterday, I went to the circus with my family. I really did not want to go. My dad promised that there would be a lot of clowns at the circus. At first we did not see the clowns. There was a crowd of spectators. Then they came out. Indeed there were many of them.

My favourite part of the circus was the clowns. Clowns can do many funny tricks. A clown name Mupsy rode a unicycle up a lever. Another clown, called Fropsy, spun many fisbees while he stood on a colourful ball. Happy Hal made balloons into animal shapes and sang happy songs. Lily played with a ball while she stood on one hand. In the end, twelve clowns squeezed into a tiny car and rode away. I had a wonderful time at the circus. I was as happy as a lark when I got home.

Answer all the questions below.