Cause and Effect and Prediction

Cause and effect can be used to make predictions.

“If you put away your toys, you can watch television.” said Zack’s mom.

Zack knows the relationship between the two actions. If he demonstrates one event, the other will result.

Think again and discuss the following with your parents or teacher:

What do you think will happen :

if you drink water near your computer?
If it is raining outside?
If someone knocked on your door?
If you forgot to water the plants for two days?

Listen to the story below before you attempt the exercise.

Exercise: Read the passage below carefully before answering the questions.

John and his friends decided to have a study night. There was a terribly important Mathematics test next Monday and they needed to prepare for it. They were excited! What could be more productive than helping each other? Marlon volunteered his home (of course, with permission from his parents). The boys’ parents also approved of their study night session. The anxious boys met at six o’clock.

Immediately, the five boys got settled and began to study. Everything was going well until they began to feel bored. So, the boys took a break. Since Marlon’s parents were not at home, he prepared a snack for his friends. The snack was delicious and quite filling, but the boys still felt restless and dissatisfied.

Then, one of the boys, Vincent suggested they take a drink. “Just a little,” he encouraged. The other boys couldn’t believe it. “Drink alcohol”, Marlon said. “No way!” exclaimed Eric and Rick (the twins). Then surprisingly they all agreed. One by one they poured alcohol for themselves. They all drank at the same time. They didn’t like it at first, but that was not for long. After thirty minutes they were clearly drunk, and the full bottle of Whiskey was empty.