Analyzing Character 4

Read the passage then answer the questions.

(Abstract: Naughty Jocko – Mary Louisa Alcott)

Everyone laughed at the funny little fellow with his twinkling eyes, brown hands, and long tail. Neddy felt very grand till they got to the store; then troubles began. He put Jocko on a table near the door, and told him to stay there while he did his errands.

Now, close by was the place where the candy was kept, and Jocko loved sweets like any girl; so he hopped along, and began to eat whatever he liked. Some boys tried to stop him; and then he got angry at them for pulling his tail, and threw handfuls of sugarplums at them. That was great fun; and the more they laughed and scrambled and poked at him, the faster he showered chocolates, caramels, and peppermints over them, till it looked as if it had rained candy.