A Place For Everything

Activity 1: Word Search Puzzle.

Activity 2: Word List. Read and write the word list in your notebooks.

lend, Sarah, comfort, ashamed, your, willing, elsewhere, using, borrow, offended, depended

Activity 4: Independent Reading. Now read the following passage aloud.


Mary: I wish you would lend me your thimble, Sarah. I can never find my own.

Sarah: Why is it, Mary, you can never find it?

Mary: How can I tell? But if you will not lend me yours, I can borrow one elsewhere.

Sarah: I am willing to lend mine to you, Mary. But I would very much like to know why you come to me to borrow so often.

Mary: Because you never lose any of your things, and always know where to find them.

Sarah: And why do I always know where to find my things?

Mary: I do not know why, I am sure. If I did know, I might sometimes find my own.

Sarah: I will tell you the secret. I have a place for everything, and I put everything in its place when I have done using it.

Mary: O Sarah! Who wants to run and put away a thing as soon as she has used it, as if her life depended upon it?

Sarah: Our life does not depend upon it, but our comfort does, surely. How much more time will it take to put a thing in its place, than to hunt for it or to borrow whenever you want to use it ?

Mary: Well, Sarah, I will never borrow of you again, you may depend upon it.

Sarah: You are not offended with me, I hope.

Mary. No, but I am ashamed. Before night, I will have a place for everything, and then I will keep everything in its place. You have taught me a lesson that I shall remember.


You may use a dictionary to help you answer these questions.