May 4 – 8

Note: Please organize your time wisely!


Poetry – Read and listen to the Poem of the Week (There will come soft rain – written by Sara Teasdale)


  1. Listen to the Book of the Week (No More Noisy Nights).
  2. Read and view the videos for “Analyzing Character“.
  3. Download the worksheets Analyzing Character 1 and 2 (Grades 3-4).
  4. Exercise: Analyzing Character 1 only. 

ELA – Take the general quiz on Nouns if you did not already. Move on to Verbs (part 1). Download the worksheets on the page titled: Verbs, past tense and past participle. View the video on Verbs from Schoolhouse Rock. Online exercises: Verbs – last week: present tensepast tenseadding -ed, and using do and does. This week: Using did and done, Using give and given.

Study Skills – Lesson: Parts of the Book. Exercise: Index and Glossary.

Vocabulary – Lesson: Prefix. Download the worksheets. Two new exercises (prefix 1a and 1 b). Make sure you complete last weeks work.

Creative Writing – We are continuing with writing sentences. Last week: “Parts of a sentence” and its exercise should have been done. Now we are going onto “Complex sentences“. Read the article and download the worksheets.” Practice is important here. There are three quizzes under this topic. Do as much as you can this week.

MATH – Completing the exercises on Estimating, before moving on to”Basic Computation 1“. Download the worksheets and complete them. The online exercises will begin next week.

SCIENCE – If you have not read and seen the videos on Habitats (including the worksheets and online exercises) you should before moving on to Aquatic Habitats. Read the article carefully then do the exercise at the bottom.

VCCE – Don’t leave your classmates hanging. This is an opportunity to hear from each other. Leave your comment at the end of the Social Responsibility activity. Click on this link: chat to leave your comments. New topic is Becoming a Caring Citizen. Read from The Caribbean. View the video “Ocean Cleanup“.