Spelling and Vocabulary

This lesson focuses on a number of topics and activities. It will cover roots, prefixes, and suffixes; homonyms and homophones; and other a spelling guide.

Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

This section is meant to introduce you to the structure of words. If you learn key roots, prefixes, and suffixes, you will more easily learn words using those word parts.

Homonyms and homophones

This section teaches the difference between homonyms and homophones. Homophones are words pronounced the same but differ in meaning and origin, while homonyms are words spelled the same but differ in meaning. You will be introduced some homonyms and homophones that the student will be encouraged to learn and complete a number of exercises.

spelling guide

This section helps the students become better spellers. It introduces spelling rules and the Dolch list of sight words.

Lesson Content
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