Poetry is a form of writing and type of literature. Poets use different forms and styles of poetry. Poets express their ideas on life, tell a story, or show honor to a person or a god – by using figurative language or metaphorical expressions. To a poet, a poem is a presentation of his/her truth about the world, relationships, and human behaviour.

Thus, some poems are short and written in a simple style, while some are complex or long. This makes poems different from other forms of writing. The words of a poem is written in lines; and groups of lines are called stanzas.

Poetry is charged with emotion and passion. When you read a poem, the words form pictures in our mind. We can become very involved in a poem especially when it stimulates our senses. You can say it is an art form, but it does not have to elicit wisdom. A good poetry helps the reader realize the aspect of life more fully.

A poet uses a broad set of instruments to create his poem. They are the elements of poetry.

This lesson has four topics.

  1. Understanding Poetry,
  2. Figures of Speech and Figures of Sound,
  3. Determining the Theme of a Poem,
  4. Types of Poems