Part 4: Language Fluency

This section has a variety of reading lessons in the content subject areas of science, social studies, math, language arts, and literature for the student to practice reading independently. The students are expected to read aloud. The readings increase in complication. The reader must also understand the complex sentences and be able to define new vocabulary words, especially words that are more descriptive and technical. We suggest the student use this section in conjunction with the following sections that could be found in the English Language section of this website.

Audio books
Recommended Reading

Students can also follow the above links to more independent reading. The student is also encourage to read the books and then write or discuss what they read with their teachers, parents, or friends. The readings in this section is meant to help the reader form new ideas about the world, people and topics. This will help the reader become more critical in their thinking.

Thus the reader is also encouraged to do the following:

  • Summarize what was read,
  • Use cause-effect to show relationships,
  • Especially for for narratives, discuss character traits and important events using sequence to recap,
  • Explain what the author wants the reader to think or feel.
  • Select an image and explain why such an image was used.

For teachers this discussion will help them track their students progress.