Our Heritage

Culture encompass our language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, arts, the way we do things and what we know. Culture is what gives us purpose in our life and encourage us to grow and become better people.

Children playing.

The objects we place much value on as a group of people testify to others our values and beliefs. These values dictate our behaviours and individual characteristics. Cultures around the world see significance in ceremonial artifacts, jewelry, clothing, monuments, etc.

Muslim praying on a pray carpet.
Catholicism has influence culture and people in many ways.

In Trinidad we see a diversity of cultures coexisting. We can therefore learn a lot from each culture. The following topics will show you all of these ideas and behaviours. They would also help you broaden your worldview, see new ways of doing things that can be helpful in your life, and appreciate the contributions of various cultures.

Pottery making is important in many cultures.


An Activity to help you understand appreciate this lesson:

A Corpus Christi Chalice and Plate. Decorate a plastic champagne glass and plastic plate with permanent paint markers. There are water-based and non-toxic markers available.