Geometry – Shapes

Objects have shape and form. Simple shapes are classified according to their number of edges and points.

An edge is a line segment on a boundary, on solids it is where two faces meet. A point or vertex is a corner where edges meet. Can you see the edges and points in the following shapes and solids.

Activity 1: Activity to begin this lesson: My Toy Train

Let an adult help you do this activity. Cut out many shapes from a cardboard. Colour them and stick the shapes together to make one of the toy trains below. Describe the shapes you made to make the train.

Activity 2: Building Models Using Shapes

We can use shapes around us to build models, such as a robot and a rocket.

Create your own models using shapes around your home. Remember to decorate your models. Draw the models in your math journal. Write sentences to describe them.

Activity 3:Types of Pyramids