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Food is our life, it is our main physical energy source. Our body needs good, wholesome, and nourishing food. Besides that, in the Caribbean, food and cuisine also play a big role in our economic growth and stability. Our food is delicious and plentiful. There is a myriad of flavours, colours, textures and smells we can enjoy from our food. The remarkable fusion of spices, herbs, and seasoning creates a joy in us, and it is this we wish to share with the world.

The land in the Caribbean is fertile, and so we have a wide range of food to choose from and prepare our many meals. Our cuisine and some of the foods we enjoy in the Caribbean was also brought to the Caribbean. Besides the influence of the native Amerindians on the food we eat, our cuisine is influenced by the Spanish, French, Dutch, East Indian, and African.

Have a look at the following inforgraphics to help you understand more about our food.

Popular Herbs and Spices used in the Caribbean

Below is a picture of the many fruits we have in the Caribbean.

Common fruits and vegetables in the Caribbean.
Starches in the form of root crops are quite popular in the Caribbean.

Some Popular Dishes

Yam. Yam is prepared throughout the Caribbean. It is a staple food for many. This starchy root vegetable is quite filling and nutritious. It is served with fish, stew chicken, pork, or beef. It is also fried.

Breadfruit. This fruit is high in protein and carbohydrates. It is another staple food that is served boiled, roasted, mashed, sliced and fried. Some Caribbean dishes are mofongo de pan (which is fried breadfruit mashed with olive oil, garlic, and broth); tostones (this is fried lightly flattened and fried again). In Trinidad and Grenada, we have oil down which is a one-pot dish with breadfruit, meat dumplings and dasheen bush).

Plantains. Plantains are cooking bananas. It is another popular staple. It is a starchy fruit with a soft texture when it is cooked. It is available all year round. In the caribbean, there are many dishes made: fufu de platanto (much like mashed plantain), Mofongo. Plantain is serve boiled, fried, or mashed.

Green fig. This is also refered to as green banana. This starchy has a soft texture. It is perfect to make sweet. It is boiled, It goes well with just any.

The fig tree grows abundantly. Green fig is a good source of potassium.

Saheena is an East Indian delicacy. It is made with split peas.

Dasheen. The dasheen plant is important to people in the Caribbean. Dasheen is also referred to as taro in some Caribbean islands. The root part is boiled, fried, or mashed. It is served with fish or some other meat. The leaves of the dasheen is used to make callaloo. This dish has roots in West Africa. The leaves are also boiled and stewed.

Callaloo is prepared with peppers, coconut milk, okra, pumpkin and meat.

Eggplant. Also called baigan, it came to region with the indentured labourers from India. This vegetable is grilled, roasted, or stewed. It is roasted with tomatoes and garlic.

Flying Fish. This is a favourite fish in Barbados.

Ackee and saltfish fritters is a combination of two ingredients It is a national of Barbados.

Doubles. This dish is a legacy of the East-Indian Indentured workers in Trinidad and Tobago. They worked in the sugarcane plantations.

Coo-coo. This is a national dish for Antigua. It is made with cornmeal, okra, and coconut milk. This dish is of African origin.

Doubles is a savoury fried flat bread that is filled with a spicy, curried chickpeas.

Coconut. Coconut is another popular ingredients in many dishes, such as: coconut cake, coconut bake, sweet bread and coconut drops. The coconut meat and milk is used in rice dishes.

Pelau is another one pot meal enjoyed throughout the county.

Pelau. This is a popular rice, peas, and meat dish in Trinidad and Tobago.

Macaroni Pie. This is a simple dish with macaroni and cheese. It is eaten throughout the Caribbean. A basic macaroni pie dish is made with macaroni, milk, grated onion, eggs and cheese.

Macaroni is served with


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