Reading helps you understand the world better. The more you read, the better your comprehension and reasoning skills improve. These exercises in reading comprehension should help you develop your knowledge and skill in reading. You will become a competent and enthusiastic reader.

As you read, first try to get familiar with the text. Do this by reading the title and observing pictures. Most text does not come with pictures, so you should try to visualize the events, the characters, and the scene while you read. If you find what you are reading is difficult, re-read the passage. Don’t read it too fast. Again, try to visualize as you read.

The reading comprehension exercises are meant to help you get meaning in written text and develop the following skills and strategies:

  • predicting,
  • questioning,
  • visualizing,
  • drawing inferences,
  • summarizing / retelling,
  • cause and effect,
  • context clues,
  • analyzing character,
  • sequencing,
  • comparing and contrasting,
  • appreciating literature,
  • reading for details,
  • real and fantasy,
  • facts and opinion,
  • sorting and classifying,
  • drawing conclusions, and
  • following directions.

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After you read a passage, it is good practice to ask yourself the following questions and answer them.

What does this remind me of? I remember when…

Have I read something like this before?

Do I understand why the character did what he/she did?

Has something like this ever happened to me?

What would I do if I was the character?

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