How To Become a Good Persuasive Writer

The type of writing that seeks to compel someone into doing something is referred to as  persuasive writing.  Some people think that it is difficult to get people to listen to them, and thus it would be even more difficult to persuade someone into doing something.  There are many books out there devoted entirely to teaching you how to influence people.  So, one can assume that anyone can learn to write a a compelling persuasive essay.

We have all read something that is intended to get us to do something. The most common persuasive message is a simple advertisement encouraging us to buy something, for instance a particular energy drink.  Persuasive messages can come in any media form.

If you want to improve your persuasive writing skills you should begin first by reading some persuasive writing.  Next, read the message actively, not passively.  Active reading means that the reader is more involved in the material.  Thus, the active reader will read with purpose, look for the main idea, listen to its tone and seek to identify the theme.  The active reader will not ignore complex words, such a reader will first try to understand the word according to the content it is placed in before searching for it meaning in the dictionary.  You can learn to enjoy reading and developing your writing skills if you read actively.

Persuasive Writing Samples

Have a look at the following sample persuasive writing.  What do you think is the persuasive message.

Persuasive writing can be a challenge, but you can grow to love it as you grow your creative writing skills

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