Getting Specific with Adjectives

Some adjectives are overused, such as pretty and beautiful. They don’t add to the piece. They tell the reader what to think, but our main purpose is to encourage the writer to show the reader how he or she feels. Here are some sentences for...


Using Descriptive Adjectives

You will soon learn that adjectives can add descriptive details to your writing. Focus on the writing below that uses adjectives. They describe, not tell you how to feel. Abstract A poor, bare, miserable room it was, with broken windows, no fire...


Discover Strong Verbs

Strong verbs have the power to capture images in the writer’s and reader’s minds. Read the abstract of the poem (The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore) here and in your notebooks write the verbs. Think of the images the verbs conjure in your mind. Comment below in a sentence or two about what

Noun Word Wall

We are building a noun wall on this post. Take your nouns from a favourite poem, book, or even conversation with someone. Start building your own and come here and share with us some of these nouns. Don’t forget to tell us where you collected the nouns: from a poem, a book or a conversation

May 4 – 8

Note: Please organize your time wisely! COMPREHENSION Poetry – Read and listen to the Poem of the Week (There will come soft rain – written by Sara Teasdale) Reading – Listen to the Book of the Week (No More Noisy...


Study Tips for Online Learners

This is new to many students today, during this time of Covid 19. Your teachers are trying their best. However, online learning is a lot different from what you do in class with you teacher. Online learning requires some effort on your part...


Tools for Learning

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