5. Journey – Tambu

Christopher “Tambu” Herbert (born 1956) was popular between 1988 and 1991, when he won the Road March competition for three years consecutively. “Journey” helped him win the Road March in 1989. He was a front-singer for the band “Charlie’s Roots”. Now a pastor, he sings gospel music.

Teaching Point

This song can be used as a teaching aid for Social Studies, Sociology, and English Language. One major topic in this poem is suicide. Other topics are goal setting, leadership, and mental health. The teacher can ask a number of questions to encourage thought and critical thinking.

Example: What does the phrase “drifting as a lonely sea” means?

Song: Journey

Lyrics: The Journey

The journey…
The journey, it now start.
I was drifting on a lonely sea
when a voice kept calling out to me
keep on calling, calling, calling.
I was shaking like a frightened child.
I was shaking, shaking.
I was caught in the cold and I had nowhere to hide.
I heard:”Son, son, son, son, come, come, come,
Don’t you be afraid;
You just started your mission.
The waters will be rough.
Have faith and you will make it
All the way yeah, yeah.


Cause the journey it now start
The journey it now start…
Sonny, do not give up
Don’t ever
You were put here to survive
You are in charge of your life
And never look back, look ahead!
Never say die until you’re dead
Children: ah say the journey now start
The journey ah say to travel on

When you’re reaching out towards your goals;
Reaching, reaching
You may stumble and fall
But don’t give up at all,
Don’t give up; do not give up
no, no, no, no, no!
it is friends may smile and talk with you,
yet stab you in the back
they will do anything to get you off your track
you must fight, fight, fight, fight!
fight with all your might
you must stand up to your trials regardless of the strains
at times there will be darkness,
but light will strike again